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Meet  the Team

Mary Cummins

If you’ve ever sat down for a meal at Marigolds, you will notice the bright colored curtain that separates the kitchen from the tables. Constantly in motion, the curtain sways back and forth as the ladies of Marigolds walk in and out greeting friends, family, old customers and new faces with big smiles, hugs and of course, yummy food. More than twenty years ago, Mary Cummins and her husband moved to Summit to raise their family of five kids. She developed a love of cooking and entertaining, and had always dreamed of starting her own restaurant – a place where people from the community could come together, enjoy good food and a warm atmosphere. In 2012, a beautiful space right in downtown Summit opened up, and Mary knew she couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Marigolds is the realization of Mary’s dream, and its community feel and delicious food is a reflection of Mary’s own kitchen – full of friends, neighbors and family.


Marigolds serves up a variety of fresh, unique recipes. From the salads – like the signature Marigolds Salad featuring caramelized almonds, goat cheese and a red wine vinaigrette – to the paninis – like the crowd-pleasing Figaro with fig jam, prosciutto and brie cheese – there is something for everyone at Marigolds. And don’t forget to check the specials to see what soup is cooking up that day! Mary’s mission is to make sure everyone leaves full and happy.

Give Back

Marigolds is all about building community and friendship through food. Beyond serving those that make it in to the café, Mary supports charities that speak to her heart. She donates food to support local churches that feed families without access to healthy options. In addition, Mary provides auction items to charities where proceeds go directly to people in need, both nationally and globally.

Additionally, Marigolds recently began carrying Scott's Protein Balls which is a nationally recognized fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. All proceeds are donated directly to BCRF.

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